These genocidal jottings, mainly in the form of poems, are dedicated to the children of Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan and where ever else the U.S and U.K. have used depleted Uranium. They are also dedicated to Brian Haw the peace activist who has spent the last ten years protesting in Parliament Square. A couple of notes, where ever I use the word D.U.M. it refers to depleted Uranium munitions and D.U. is of course depleted Uranium. N.G.O.s/non governmental organisations.

Sven Lindquist

1924 “Squadron chief Arthur Harris was very keen on bombing and he was good.” He had the idea of converting transport planes into heavy bombers so that more bombs and bigger bombs could be dropped. But his foremost achievement was dropping showers of small incendiary bombs on the thatched straw roofs of villages. In march of 1924 he reported the results.

“Where the Arab and Kurd had just begun to realise that if they could stand a little noise, they could stand bombing…., they now know what real bombing means, in casualties and damage: they now know that within forty-five minutes a full-sized village (vide attached photos of Kushan-Al-Ajaza) can be practically wiped out and a third of its inhabitants killed or injured by four or five machines which offer them no real target, no opportunity for glory as warriors, no effective means of escape.”

This formulation appears again in a draft of a report, “Notes on the Method of Employment of the Air Arm in Iraq.” which the RAF presented to parliament that August. It was expunged from later versions, which instead emphasized that the air force offered a humane means of controlling ungovernable peoples.

Question: In the last 100 years how many times has Iraq, its government or people…..

(a) Bombed the U.K. or any of its dependent territories, killing thousands and leaving behind unexploded cluster bombs and depleted uranium which will poison the land for centuries?
(b) Invaded the U.K. or any of its dependent territories, killing tens of thousands of civilians and smashing the infrastructure to pieces?

Answers: (a) None (b) None Now try swapping U.K. for Iraq and vice versa.